[VIDEO] Lovely Pug Puppies Falling Asleep


The beautiful pug puppies in this video are falling asleep.  Few sights are as lovely as watching puppies drift softly into dreamland.

Turn up your volume for this video.  I think the music would enhance your enjoyment.

A couple of the puppies are so tiny (at this stage) that they can make the palm of a human their bed easily.   Another puppy fits in a cup.  And two others fit inside a baking pan at the same time.   It is fascinating to watch them crawl their way with eyes closed to lie down next to one of their siblings.   And it’s interesting to watch their little tongues curl up when they sleep.  It’s sweet how they put their head down–looks like humans putting their head down to nap on a desk.

Enjoy watching these little ones drifting into dreamland.


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