[VIDEO] These Dogs Have A Sneeze Attack


The poor dogs in this video are having a sneeze attack.  Some of them are pretty long sneeze attacks.  One of the dogs sneezed 25 times in a row.

Turn up your volume for this video.  Do you remember when you had your last sneeze attack?  It wasn’t one sneeze, and not even a little one, but your whole body shook.  That’s what these dogs are experiencing.  To the humans watching them and filming them, it was probably amusing.  These dogs probably didn’t think the same way.   The smaller dogs move their entire body when they sneeze.  The larger ones, like the Husky, was able to stand more firmly.

Poor doggies.  I hope whatever was irritating their nose would be moved out of their environment soon.

Image source:  Ccho on Flickr


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