[VIDEO] Service Dog Helps At Grocery Store


The service dog in this video is helping his human, Christy, at the grocery store.  He gives the credit card to the cashier, and then carries out the grocery with his mouth.

Watch how he lets Christy walk through the door first.  When Christy is getting ready to step off the curb, he waits to make sure she is stable first.  And when Christy is ready to step onto the curb on the other side of the street, he is there, making sure Christy is stable first before moving.  Service dogs are wonderful people.  The training they go through in order to be of help is substantial.  Some of it counter-intuitive to dogs–such as not responding to distraction or play.  When they have their “work jacket” on, it is their work time, and they will not respond as a dog normally would.

Thank you Service dogs everywhere, for adding to the quality of our life!


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