[VIDEO] Loving Dog Reaches Out To Little Boy


The loving dog in this video reaches out to a little boy who has Down Syndrome.

From what I read, the mother of this little boy said her son is a bit withdrawn and does not like to be touched.  The dog (named Himalaya) reaches out to the boy EVER so gently.

Even though the little boy moves away from her approach several times, she persists.  She does not take it personally.  She gives him the space he needs, then moves toward him again.

Do you notice how Himalaya does not have direct eye contact most of the time with the little boy?  She simply cozies up to him when she senses that the boy may be open to another interaction.

Isn’t that arm on the shoulder the warmest gesture you’ve ever seen?

This is one of the most compassionate dogs I have ever seen.  Enjoy your experience with this video!




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