Photos Of Soft Sweet Puppies


This article is filled with puppies with those soft, sweet eyes.  These beautiful images are compiled by Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed.

Image # 1    Picture of peace   Image # 2   Oh, this puppy’s new family is going to have SO much fun!   Image # 5   I think he is still assessing if it’s a good idea to go back into the water.   Image # 6   Puppy with a purpose.   Image # 7  (see below)   Image # 10    Next time please leave me home when you go shopping.   Image # 12   So much to see, so much to experience.   Image # 13   There’s always ONE who does not believe in a posed photo.    Image # 14  The Lion King Jr.    Image # 15    I can just hear them now.  I like their voices already.

CLICK here to see the other lovely puppies.


Article source:  Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Betty Chan on Twitter via Buzzfeed


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