[VIDEO] Malamute Puppies Listening To Music

video Malamute puppies listening to music

Puppies tilting their heads to music.  Isn’t that just the most delightful thing to see?  The 5 Malamute puppies in this video are listening to a song with a lot of bell tones.  It’s actually a pretty song.  These beautiful puppies will someday grow into strong large dogs, intended originally for heavy work.  For now, these little ones are affectionate and full of life.

They do have a chewing habit.  So if you are away from home, put the puppy in a space where he can’t get to your favorite shoes.  Unless you have a big yard (a fenced yard) for them to exercise, you’ll have to ease them into using a leash.  And you are going to hear arguments from them about it, according to AKC.  They are very intelligent, so they’ll learn quickly that having to use a leash is a tolerable trade for getting to go on walks with you everyday.   As he grows larger, he will need a lot of exercise.  They crave exercises.

Characteristics of Malamutes

When they become adults, Malamutes are majestic, self-confident, and strong-willed.   That’s why socializing them from a young age to feel comfortable with all people and other dogs.   It’s not uncommon for them to be intolerant of dogs the same gender, so exercise caution when you introduce your Malamute to other dogs, however big or small they are.

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Malamutes are fond of children.  Because of their size, it is wise to supervise when they are around children.   Another interesting aspect of Malamutes is that they howl.  When they feel lonely, when they feel bored, or when they hear a siren.

Apartments may not be the ideal space, since they might get bored and start howling.  Then when you come home, you have to face a bunch of annoyed neighbors.  Malamutes also love to dig.   It’s part of their nature, so if you have a prized garden, make sure to create a designated place in the yard so your Malamute has his OWN garden to dig in.

Enjoy watching these Malamute move their heads to music.

Article source:  AKC


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