[VIDEO] Maltese Brothers With Opposite Personalities

video of Maltese brothers with opposite personalities

It often happens in a family.  When siblings are the same age, they find ways to be different from each other.  The Maltese brothers in this video are Harold and Michael.  Can you tell who’s the extravert?

Characteristics of Maltese

Michael likes to play with Dad.  He would climb over his brother to play with Dad. Harold is content with himself.  He is satisfied looking at the world through the mirror.   But he does like to play with his brother, Michael.  The two are delightful to watch.  Maltese is a toy breed, and are companion dogs.  Some also become therapy dogs, according to Dog Time.  A Maltese believes everyone in the world is a friend, which is a wonderful trait to have if they were to become a therapy dog.

Maltese are best suited for families with quiet older children or all adults because toddlers and very young children may squeeze them too hard, or accidentally drop them.  This is a dog with delicate structure.  They need to be in homes that can provide this kind of care.  Maltese love their people, so they do well with training.  Use praise, encouragement, play, anything positive when you train them.

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This is also a fearless dog, which can mean that they are not afraid to take on a dog 10 or 20 times their size.  So incorporate useful commands in your training to keep them out of harm’s way.  Maltese is a playful dog, even into their old age.  A daily walk is good exercise.  But they are such an active indoor dog that it doesn’t take much to keep them in good shape.

Maltese dislike extreme hot or cold weather.  Some paper train them so they don’t need to go outside when the weather is uncomfortable.  You can find Maltese as rescues because some former owners did not know what goes into taking care of a Maltese.  You can read more about this breed here.  Enjoy watching Harold and Michael playing with each other.  If you like this Maltese video, you might also enjoy this one.

Article source:  Dog Time


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