[VIDEO] Maltese Dozing Off

video Maltese puppy dozing off

The Maltese in this video looks so sweet dozing off.  So graceful even when nodding off to dreamland.  And no wonder.  The Maltese have been thought of as the aristocrat of the dog world, along with their relatives, the Maltese Terrier, the Maltese Spaniel, and a few others.  They were known as “the dog of Malta” at one point.

Characteristics of a Maltese

The Greeks built tombs to honor their Maltese when their beloved pets departed.  The Maltese is known for being gentle, yet spirited.  Many small dogs have been bred down to their size, but the Maltese have always started this small, according to Pet Wave.  Even though they are small, they are sturdy and play yard.  They can keep up with dogs twice their size.

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The Maltese has a unique character.  They are the gentlest manners of small dogs.  They are fearless.  They trust you and they are affectionate.  Perhaps these are reasons why they have always been a companion dog.

The Maltese is very trainable.  They are eager to please, unlike other toy breeds.  Praise them and give them yummy treats, and they’ll be happy to learn whatever you’d like.  They have an independent spirit, so keep the training interesting, so it does not become a boring routine for them.  The best way to train a Maltese is to reward good behavior and ignore the bad behavior.  Maltese is no stranger to separation anxiety.  They adore their people and hate to be left alone by themselves for too long.  Exercise can help.  In fact, some Toy breed owners think their dogs don’t need exercise.  They do.   It’s best to match a Maltese with a family who has a stay at home parent, so it has a constant companion.  You can learn more about the unique needs of the Maltese here.

Article source:  Pet Wave


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