[VIDEO] Dog Having A Dream

video dreaming dog suddenly wakes up

Watching a dog dream is one of the most amusing things.  Doesn’t it make you wonder what’s going on in their mind or what they are reliving?   This good-natured dog is also a contortionist, as many dogs are.  Look where his legs are and where his head is.   No wonder there are chiropractors for dogs!  Now, the reason I say this is a good-natured dog is because I’ve read that it’s a good idea not to wake up sleeping dogs, probably hence the saying “let sleeping dogs lie”.

How to wake up a sleeping dog safely

Although I personally have not met dogs who are grouchy when they wake up, and no dogs I’ve woken up had done anything to me, there are probably good reasons for this saying.

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When dogs live in the wild (before they started living with humans) they had to be on alert for danger while they sleep.  If anything wakes them up suddenly, it means there is potential danger, and they are ready to defend themselves, just in case.  It depends on the dog and what they are dreaming about at the time we wake them up.

So, if you really need to wake up your dog, (maybe they seem to be having a bad dream and you want to move them out of that experience) call their name from a distance.  That way, you have plenty of space between you, in case they are in the middle of a fight in their dream, or in case they feel befuddled and feel a need to defend themselves first.  And if you feel so inspired, throw a treat near them (as a peace offering for interrupting their sleep, or as something pleasant to wake up to for the trouble.)  This is just a precaution. Enjoy watching this contortionist going through some experience in his sleep, and his dad waking him up from a distance.

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