[VIDEO] What Do Dogs’ Sleeping Positions Tell Us?


All the dogs in this video are sleeping in funny positions.   Some of them sleep like humans, and others sleep inn positions that are simply amusing to us.  But  they are probably just making themselves comfortable.  Like the dog falling asleep right in front of the heater.  Aside from amusing us, do dogs sleeping positions reveal anything?  According to Theresa Fisher on Van Winkle’s, humans seem to think so.

What do dogs’ sleeping positions tell us?

Dogs have a 2 phase sleep cycle—the deep sleep cycle and the REM cycle.  One sleep position is curl up like a pretzel.  This position conserves heat, and in the wild, it protects their organs from predators.   If your dog sleeps on the side with his legs angled up, he is probably hot, and is trying to get some air for his tummy side to stay cool.

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Another position is tummy side down, all legs stretched out.  This is comfortable, and also allows your dog to spring into action if he senses any threat (or if he smells anything interesting.)  If your dog sleeps on his back with all legs up, this is a sign of how safe and comfortable he feels in his home.  Dogs living in the wild do not put themselves in this vulnerable position.

If a dog sleeps on his tummy, with his legs tugged under, it may be that he is a bit too anxious to sleep on his side.  Some dogs will sleep with their head on the arm of a chair so their head is held higher than their body.  They do this to alleviate neck pain.  And there are breeds bred to burrow that wrap themselves in blanket.  Enjoy watching this amusing video filled with dogs sleeping in funny positions.

If you enjoy watching dogs sleeping in funny positions, here is another video of more dogs sleeping in weird positions for you!


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