[VIDEO] Matching Rescue Dogs With Veterans

video matching rescue dogs with veterans

This is a most uplifting video of a program matching rescue dogs with veterans who need companion dogs to help them recover from post war traumas.  The vet in this video has concluded that a service dog would help her a great deal in her healing journey.  She’s waited a year for Benni.  The process is quite a thorough one.

This program benefit both shelter dogs and the veterans.  The dogs find a loving new home, and the veterans have a companion dog who helps them recover from the emotional, physical, and mental traumas from their service.  According to Pets For Vets, each veteran who wants a companion dog is interviewed for individual needs and lifestyle.  Then the dog that matches those needs would be selected.  This is just the beginning of the process.

Please check with the organization for their most recent updates on matching availabilities.

A wonderful program to match pets with veterans

You notice the man who brings Benni to Amy in this video?  He is a foster dog parent, which means Benni is provided a foster home for a period of time to learn and master the skills unique to helping Amy.  For some veterans, it could be getting acquainted with wheelchairs or other conditions.

PetPeek Fence Window for Pets
PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

A professional trainer is brought in to teach the dog the necessary skills, including basic obedience, so they don’t just run off chasing squirrels when they are “at work.”  When the training is complete, the foster parents then bring the dog to the veteran to start their new life.

It takes  a great deal of love on the part of foster parents.  Imagine saying goodbye to a dog you’ve loved and taught for months, even a year.  The entire goal is to prepare the dog you’ve loved all this time so another person’s life could increase in quality.  What a wonderful program.  Please contact Pets For Vets for more information.

Enjoy watching this uplifting video of rescue dogs and veterans having a better life together.

Article source: Pets For Vets

Image source:  via Imgur


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