[VIDEO] This Deaf Bulldog Dances To Guitar Music

deaf Bulldog dancing to guitar music

This blog was originally posted on November 7, 2016, and has been updated on November 22, 2023.  The Bulldog in this video is deaf, yet he dances to guitar music.   And he is right ON the beat!

Actually, I hear drums in the music, and watching where this Bulldog nods his head and moves his body the most, it’s in sync with the drum.  If the drum is being played right in the room, that would offer even more vibration for this dog to feel through the carpet.

It is wonderful that although this dog cannot hear, he enjoys music no less than those who can hear.  His dog friend lying next to him has an interesting expression.  He looks as if he’s making a comment about the music lover.  But then he gets up and walks away.  I am so glad the Bulldog ignores the reaction of his friend.

If you like this video, here is a Golden Retriever dancing “professionally”.

Enjoy this talented deaf Bulldog dance to the rhythm of the music.


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