[VIDEO] Mika The Blue French Bulldog Playing With The Boys

video blue french bulldog playing with children

In this video, we get to watch lovely Mika the Blue French Bulldog playing with the boys.  She was around 34 days old.  Blue French Bulldogs are companion dogs, they thrive on attention and affection.  From anyone!  This is not a dog to be left at home alone, according to Puppy Toob.  And even when you are home, they don’t like to be ignored.

Blue French Bulldogs are naturally very clean.  They just don’t like to get dirty, so you don’t have to worry about bathing them too often. They are small, and prefers indoor living.  They don’t need much to make them happy and healthy. Just taking them for a walk would be sufficient.  They are happy to do their business in the yard, and come right back inside the house and take a nap on your lap.  They are content to be lazy dogs. 🙂  And don’t worry about them getting overweight.  That’s not likely to happen.

What are Blue French Bulldogs like?

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The Blue French Bulldogs only have a single coat, so they get cold.  Even in the summer, if your air condition gets too cold, they’ll look for a blanket to snuggle in or cuddle up to you for warmth.  If you live in an area with cold winters, do get them a winter jacket.  They really do need the extra warmth. And if it’s snowing heavily, forget about taking them outside.  They rather use the indoor bathroom.  So provide a pad for them.

This breed is not drawn to water.  They are not good swimmers.  Some believe it’s because of their short legs. Blue French Bulldogs are very needy in terms of attention.  They want a lot of it, and they want it now.  They will cry if they don’t get what they want.  They may need more attention than a baby.  So make sure you have the time in your life to provide what it takes to keep your Blue French Bulldog happy. You can read more about Blue French Bulldogs here.

Article source:  Puppy Toob


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