[VIDEO] Misa Minnie And Brother Play Basketball


Here’s a video of Misa Minnie and her brother playing basketball.  If you are unfamiliar with Misa Minnie, she is a Yorkie who knows A LOT of tricks.  And she is also a therapy dog.  Her brother is a French Bulldog who is learning some skills on his own.  He is about 2 years younger than Misa.  And his name is Brody Brixton.

Misa’s human teaches her lots and lots of tricks using purely praise and treats.  All positive reinforcement.  Powerful stuff, this positive reinforcement.

I wonder what would happen if ALL learners–human and animal friends–develop their skills completely from positive reinforcement.  What would life be like?

Enjoy watching Misa Minnie and Brody Brixton playing basketball together.


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