[VIDEO] Misa Minnie Taking Her Therapy Dog Test


In this video, Misa Minnie is taking a test to be a therapy dog.  Misa Minnie is not only a talented dog who knows lots of tricks, it takes a lot more than that to be a therapy dog.

For example, she is tested for how well she responds to distractions–lots of people walking by, some in wheelchairs, some in crutches.

She is tested on whether she can “leave” a treat on the ground.  She is tested on meeting a big dog, whether she can remain calm and patient while her owner and the big dog’s owner are chatting with each other.

She is tested on how she responds to sudden and loud noises.  Can she remain calm?  And these are just a few items she needs to pass to become a therapy dog.

Watch what our lovely Misa Minnie has to do to pass her therapy dog test, so she can add more joy to even MORE people.


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