[VIDEO] Misa Minnie The Smart Yorkie Learned These Tricks At 19 Weeks


Remember Misa Minnie, the smart Yorkie that knows a lot of tricks?  This video was filmed when she was just 19 weeks.  And already she has learned some pretty impressive skills.  One of them was differentiating “bed” from “bag”.  Her mom asks her to go to her bed, and then her bag.  It takes a good dog ear to hear the difference.

Then Misa Minnie shows us how she jumps over a rod, closes closet doors (her size), do figure 8, pray.   It’s really cute how Misa’s head is almost half her body’s size.  Maybe when she’s wet, that’s not the case.

Enjoy watching Misa Minnie when she was only 19 weeks old.

Image source:  via urdogs


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