[VIDEO] This Cat Certainly Adores Her Dalmatian Puppy Friend


The cat in this video certainly adores her Dalmatian puppy friend.  She can’t stop licking and kissing the puppy.   The Dalmatian is Chloe.  The cat is Abby.  Actually, someone wrote a song about this video, and it’s sung for the video.  It’s quite lovely.

The song is SNUGGLE PUPPY by Eric Stoltz, music by Sandra Boynton.  It’s uplifting and the rhythm feels good.  It’s light and cheerful.  The lyrics is just lovely.  You can replace the word “puppy” in the song with someone’s name, and the message would be appreciated by the receiver.  Just watch how Chloe receives love from her cat friend in the video.

Enjoy listening to this song and watching Chloe and her cat friend.


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