[VIDEO] This 16-Years-Old Dog Is Well Loved By His Dad


The 16-years-old dog in this video is well loved by his dad.   The man recognizes that his dog friend (named Pao) needs to socialize as well.  There is no description under the video about the health condition of Pao.  I am making an assumption that it is less easy for Pao to take walks with Dad.

So this kind man gets a bin with wheels, and puts a blanket in the bin so Pao can be comfortable while Dad takes a walk.   This must be a regular hangout for Dad.  People are stopping by to pet Pao, taking photos.  What an ingenious idea to use this bin.  Being in an open bin probably gets Pao more interaction than being in a pet stroller.

Enjoy watching this warm video of a man’s love for his dog.


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