[VIDEO] This Samoyed Wants To Stay On Mom’s Lap All Night


The Samoyed in this video wants to stay on Mom’s lap all night.  Her name is Pearl.  At this filming, she is 10 and a half months old.  Most likely Pearl has been sitting on Mom’s lap since she was a puppy.  This is probably a familiar sight to some viewers.   Pearl took over Mom’s reading chair.  When Mom wants it, Pearl got down for her, then wants to sit on Mom’s lap and lick her to death.  Then when she lets Pearl down, Pearl tells her mom that she wants to stay on her lap.  Mom yields.  This goes on several times until Mom really wants to read.  She picks up her tablet.  Pearl sees that she means business this time.  Mom watches Pearl’s reaction and smiled, pleased that she finally found a strategy that works.

Samoyeds are named after the tribe Samoyede, who bred these dogs.  Together, they lived in Siberia.  So the Samoyeds are a sturdy breed very comfortable in cold climate.  They go everywhere with the Samoyede.  They share campfire and living space, so they are very people-friendly.  Today, the Samoyed continues to be an affectionate dog who thrives on human companionship.  That explains a lot about Pearl wanting to be close to Mom and showering her with affection.  Samoyeds make great family dogs because they love people and they love children.  They are the happiest when they are with their people.  Dogs Life shares that the Samoyed’s double coat and the white color can insulate them from heat if you happen to live in hot climate.  Shade and water need to be accessible if she is outdoor for a while.  If it is really hot, she appreciates being in air-condition.  They do shed.  One thing you can do is collect their hair and have it spun.  You can make some nice and warm winter clothing items, as their coat has no odor.  You can read more about the Samoyeds here.

Article source:  Dogs Life



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