[VIDEO] Misa Minnie The Yorkie Fallling Asleep


Remember Misa Minnie?  In this video, this sweet Yorkie is falling asleep.  Most of the other videos I post of Misa Minnie have been on her showing the many skills she knows.  Her active time.  This is probably the first video I’ve seen of her quieting down for the night.

At this filming, Misa was only 6 and a half months old.  She keeps opening her eyes while she is trying to sleep.  Maybe she’s thinking, “Get that camera away from me so I can get some rest.” 🙂

Her human mom trains Misa to do many tricks.  She uses only positive reinforcement, using praise and treats.  Misa also trained to be a therapy dog.  In another post, the video showed part of the therapy dog test she took.  You can type in the search box “Misa Minnie” to find that video.

The music that goes with this video is also soothing.  I think it’ll enhance your viewing experience if you turn up the volume.  Enjoy watching Misa Minnie fall asleep in her comfortable bed.


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