[VIDEO] Snoring English Bulldog Flaps His Lips


The English Bulldog in this video is snoring and flapping his lips.   His name is Apollo.  Turn up your volume to listen to him.

When humans do this, it’s not that funny if they sleep in the same room.  But when a dog does this, it is amusing.   And I still hope that this English Bulldog’s human doesn’t have to sleep in the same room.  If he does, he’s got to be sleep-deprived. 🙂

The description of the video says that Apollo only occasionally snores like this.  That’s when he’s exhausted after a long day of playing at the beach, or after a long weekend of playing and hiking.

It’s amusing to watch Apollo’s lips flap when he snores.  I suppose having the extra layers of skin on his face contributes to this.  Still, it’s fun to watch him.

Enjoy this video, and have fun listening to Apollo.


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