[VIDEO] This Maltese Dog Has A Talent With Her Ears


The Maltese dog in this video has a special talent with her ears.   As is, she looks almost like a seal, right?  When her hair is being brushed (and she looks like she loves it) her ears flap out.  And it changes her look COMPLETELY!   It’s like a different dog.

It happens really quickly.  And then she looks like a real dog again. 🙂

I was reading about grooming Maltese.  Interesting that special attention is paid to their ears.  I read that because Maltese has dropped ears (fall to the side of their face rather than standing up like a Corgi) and there is excessive hair in their ears, it’s a good idea to check their ears once a week.  Also if the Maltese is bathed frequently, it’s also a good idea to check their ears regularly.

This video is very short.  I think the “surprise” element of the ear makes it an amusing moment.  Enjoy!


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