Prince Harry And The Lovely Dogs He Meets


This article has some beautiful photos of Prince Harry and some of the lovely dogs he gets to meet.  Sophie Gadd of Buzzfeed UK compiles these photos.

Yes, these are all posed photos.  But I suspect Prince Harry genuinely adores dogs.  In doing some research, I read in US Magazine that he follows his mother’s footsteps when he visited some patients who are HIV-positive in London.  And he shared a moment with a woman who was born HIV-positive, and who sat on Princess Di’s lap when she was 2-years-old.

In that article, the hospital’s fundraising director shared with Harry how his mother used to come in and out of the hospital unnoticed, and helped to lift the spirit of many people.

Princess Di was one of the celebrity trailblazers who helped to lift the stigma around HIV when she kissed a patient on the cheek back in 1989.

Compassionate mother, compassionate son.  And maybe I am biased.  I think people who love dogs are often very compassionate.

CLICK here to see the other photos.


Article source:  Sophie Gadd of Buzzfeed UK

Image source:  via Buzzfeed


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