[VIDEO] Mishka The Husky With The Beautiful Singing Voice


Here’s a video of Mishka, the Husky with the beautiful singing voice.

Mishka is a very talented dog, a celebrity in her own right.  She actually knows how to imitate some human words AS WELL AS sing.  I think she innately loves to sing.

Listen to her sense of rhythm.   She waits for the right beat to start.   And her singing actually harmonizes with the melody quite well.  She has good ears.  A true musical person.

I imagine it would be fun to be around her.  Everytime her favorite songs come on, I would probably hear an extra background singer.   And it is really nice that she is on key!   Not random howling, but a singer!

Turn up your volume to hear her beautiful musical voice.  I would LOVE to hear her sing longer.  Enjoy!


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