Amusing Photos Of Before And After Getting A Dog


The photos in this article of BEFORE and AFTER we get a dog look pretty amusing.  And probably quite accurate.  Do you find this to be so in your life?   The images are compiled by Jasmin Nahar of Buzzfeed.

Image #1 —  Yes, give away those black pants.  Just get a new wardrobe that matches your dog’s hair color.   Image # 6 — Want to dine in peace?  Go to a restaurant and leave your dog at home.  The only one watching you eat would be your dinner companion, and they won’t be waiting for you to give them food from YOUR plate.

Image # 12 — Your couch no longer belongs to you and you alone.   Image # 20 — The guilt!

CLICK here to see these humorous photos.

dog at table

Article source:  Jasmin Nahar of Buzzfeed

Image source:  via Buzzfeed


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