[VIDEO] 8-Week-Old German Shepherd Meets New Family


The German Shepherd puppy in this video is only 8-weeks-old, and is meeting her new family.  Her name is Sheba.

Imagine leaving everyone you grew up with since day 1.   You get into a car ride, and you’re in a different house.  Different people who are now your family forever.  If you were a puppy, how would you deal with this day?

Of course for the humans it’s exciting.  They’ve been waiting for this day.  For the puppy, I think she’s going through a bit of stress.  It’s nice to introduce change gradually for some.  Fortunately, his human “sister” loves to hug her.  And everytime there’s that physical contact, Sheba feels calm.

I hope you love your new life, Sheba.  The family says you are their bundle of joy.

Enjoy this sweet little video.

Image source:  RuthArt on Flickr


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