[VIDEO] Mountain Bernese Puppy Playing With Older Dog


The sweet Mountain Bernese puppy in this video is playing with the older Bernese in the family.  This morning, I saw a Mountain Bernese puppy and played with him.  That’s what inspired me to look for a video on Mountain Bernese dogs.  The puppy has the softest puppy fur on him.  He thought to himself, “I’d like to meet this person,” and walked over to me, and looked at me with those beautiful puppy eyes.   So I did some research into characteristics of Mountain Bernese.  They are good family dogs.  Sweet, affectionate, easy-going, good with children, and are patient with kids climbing all over them.

I certain experienced the sweet and affectionate aspects of the puppy this morning.  In this video, the puppy seems to be adapting to being the new kid in the family.  He is sweet to reach out to the older Bermese with his affection and hug.  Enjoy this very sweet video.

Image source:  PuppyFever4U on Imgur


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