[VIDEO] Jesse The Jack Russell Terrier Works Out


The Jack Russell Terrier in this video is Jesse.  He is working out in this video.  Really.  If I needed encouragement with work-out, I think watching this video could actually motivate me.  Jesse is THAT good!

Jesse has his own Facebook page–Just Jesse The Jack.  His human trains him to do many tricks–not just entertaining, but also helpful–by using positive reinforcement.  I’ve watched some of his other videos.  He truly is a multi-talented dog.  Some of Jesse’s favorite playtime activities include fetch, chase, tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, scent games, hiking, swimming, agility, rollerblading, and going on vacations.

Turn up your volume so you can hear the exercise music, and if you feel like it, exercise along with Jesse.  Enjoy!

Image source:  Funny and Spicy


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