[VIDEO] The Many Faces Of Boo


This is BOO’s very first movie, and shows the many faces of Boo.  If you are not familiar with Boo, he is considered the internet’s cutest Pomeranian.  And he has his own Facebook following of over 17 million.

This is a special video because it is his very first “movie.”  Since then, there’ve been other precious moments shared online as well as in books.  With that face, there can be no “bad” angle.  A photogenic dog.  And he looks good in any costume.  Whether he’s wrapped in a blanket, taking a bath, looking at himself in the mirror, posing with his sister, lying in his comfortable doggie bed, dressed in one of his many many costumes, even sticking his head into a bag, he is absolutely photogenic!   The many facial expressions of BOO are lovely.  He is one of those people that the camera just loves!

Enjoy this video, filled with the first photos of BOO.


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