Photos Of Lovely Dogs Sleeping In Our Beds


This article is filled with photos of dogs sleeping in our beds.  The images are compiled by Hal Rhorer of Buzzfeed.  Isn’t that just the best time to take their photos?  When they are awake, they fill our days with smiles, laughter, warmth.  And when they are asleep, they often look like little angels.  But sometimes, they just look amusing because of their poses.  Some of the dogs in this article knew their humans are taking their pictures, and seem as if they are posing for the camera.

Among my favorite images are #2–Going Going Gone  #4–What are you looking at?  #7–you can just hear the snore, can’t you?  #9 — See photo below  #14–A Corgi looks good whatever the pose  #19–a dog that takes sleep seriously.

CLICK here to see the other lovelies.


Article source:  Hal Rhorer of Buzzfeed

Image source:  via Buzzfeed


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