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video Norbert the dog

In this video, we see cute Norbert finding yet another comfortable spot to relax.  Then his mom asked him to try his bed, which is just large enough to fit Norbert, only 3 pounds.  Thanks to PetFinder, Norbert’s mom found him because he needs a very special home, given his small size.

Norbert was not a rescue dog.  Being this small, he cannot be in a home with young children, who may accidentally step on him.  That would cause serious injury.  Her mom, Julie, adopted Norbert when he was just 4 months old, according to Norberthood.  Norbert’s her very first dog.  Born in California, Norbert is part Chihuahua, part Cairn Terrier, and part Lhasa Apso.  He’s the only one in his litter.  An only child.  When Norbert was a puppy, his hair color was dark brown.  The color changed the first 2 years.  You see in this video, he’s no longer dark brown.

Norbert’s story

To live with his mom, Norbert travelled from California to Boston.  (But they are back in CA now) The name Norbert was inspired by the Harry Potter book series–American mathematician & philosopher Norbert Wiener and Saint Norbert of Xanten.

Automatic Pet Water Fountain
Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Julie noticed that Norbert has an ability to put a smile on people’s face.  One day, a lady at a store mentioned that Norbert would make a good therapy dog.  At that time, Julie didn’t know what a therapy dog was.  After doing her research, Julie trained Norbert herself.

And when Norbert was one year old, he passed the test and became a registered therapy dog.  He visits Children Hospital Los Angeles as well as special requests.  Julie and her mother collaborated on a book, telling the story of Norbert, with Julie’s mom doing the illustrations.

Julie also created a Norbert plush toy with the intent of giving.  She calls it Norberthood For Good.  For every Norbert’s toy purchased, she donates one to a child in need.  You can read more about Norbert’s story here.  Feel free to share your Norbert experience in the comment area at the bottom of this page.

Article source:  Norberthood


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