[VIDEO] Sharpei Puppies With Parents

video Sharpei puppies with parents

The Sharpei puppies in this video are hanging out with Mom.   In the background is probably Dad, who is sitting back and observe his family play.  Their voice is most expressive.  And they have an unforgettable face.

Unusual and cute looking as these puppies are, Sharpei’s are probably not for the first time dog owner, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy.  Here are some helpful information if you are thinking about getting a Sharpei.   If you are able to establish a relationship where you admire their spirit of independence, and have them respect your house rules (based on consistency–YOUR consistent reinforcement of your house rules), then you’re golden.

Characteristics of a Sharpei

Miranda Esmonde-White classical stretch DVD
Miranda Esmonde-White classical stretch DVD

Sharpei’s are naturally clean, so they are easy to housebreak.  They need a moderate amount of exercise, so several short walks a day would be good.  Because of their moderate need for exercise, they can live in the city or in the country.  However, if you have a yard, make sure it is a well-fenced yard because Sharpei’s have strong hunting instinct.  If they see a deer or some livestock running by, there is a chance they will dash off and chase after them.

Sharpei’s do snore and snort, so make sure this is something you can live with.  And they shed too.  They are instinctively suspicious of strangers, so expose them to plenty of friendly people.  Let them experience what “good people” are like, so they know the difference when they meet nice people, and know when to be suspicious.  If there are young children in your family, you might consider another breed.  Sharpei’s may not be tolerant of what they consider as “non-sense” behavior.  You can read more about Sharpei’s here.  Enjoy watching these Sharpei puppies hanging out with Mom.

Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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