[VIDEO] Pomeranian Boo Named Official Pet Ambassador For Airline

video Pomeranian BOO named official pet ambassador for airline

Boo is so well-loved that he is named ambassador for an airline!  This video shows Boo, our beloved internet Pomeranian, as the official pet ambassador for Virgin America Airlines.  What a smart airline to team up with beloved Boo to promote the message that they are a pet-friendly airline.

Since the original publishing date of this blog on July 29, 2020, travelling with pets have come a long way.  Kudos to Virgin America Airlines for being a leader for our furry companions.

BOO the Pomeranian receiving royal treatment by airline

In this video, Boo and Buddy are shown given royal treatment by the team and inside the airplane at the San Francisco International Airport.   Katie McFadden writes on Travelers Today that they will use Boo to announce future pet travel tips.  Again, kudos to a great marketing mind. More people are travelling with their furry friends now.  I was recently in an airport, and saw many areas inside the airport that serve as bathroom for dogs.  It is encouraging to see that many airports are recognizing these conveniences for pet owners.

Airline policy for travelling with dogs

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In her article, Katie writes that Virgin America accepts dogs and cats in the main cabin.  They are no longer checked in as luggage, but can be carried on.  Here are some of the requirements:  for each purchased seat, you can have only 1 pet.   The weight of your pet and the kennel together must be under 20 pounds.  Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old.  Things might have changed since the writing of this blog, so please check with your airline for most recent updates.

Service and emotional support dogs

There is also a section on Virgin America’s Contract of Carriage regarding service animals, as well as emotional support animals. Service dogs must be trained to behave properly in public.  Service dogs in training is not allowed. This makes sense because as passengers who share the same aircraft, we would not want a dog barking the whole trip, or jumping up at us, or growling at us.  Proof is required for emotional support animals.  Enjoy Boo’s video!

Article source:  Katie McFadden on Travelers Today  and Virgin America Contract of Carriage


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