[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Dog Playing With A Rescue Puppy

video of Mountain Bernese playing gently with puppy

The Bernese Mountain dog in this video humors a rescue puppy.  The Bernese is Eiger.  The rescue puppy is Gryffin, a Staffordshire Terrier/English Bulldog mix who is just 4 weeks old.  He is just nursing, but he is drawn to his foster brother Eiger, and feels very comfortable around him.

It’s easy to see why.  Eiger is so gentle when playing with Gryffin.  Even though he uses his mouth in his play, the puppy is unharmed, and comes back again and again to hang out with his brother.  When Gryffin wanders off to explore other parts of the house, Eiger keeps his eyes on his little brother.  How sweet.

Enjoy watching this 4-weeks-old rescue puppy playing with his Bernese Mountain brother.


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