[VIDEO] Dogs That Know How To Open The Refrigerator


The dogs in this video all know how to open the refrigerator.  To help THEMSELVES to the goodies!  I find it amusing that these intelligent friends figure out how to open the frig.  Whether they observe their humans doing it and are simply imitate the movement, or they figure out entirely on their own–I admire that intelligence.

So the question is:  Is YOUR refrigerator safe from your doggie friend? 🙂  Especially if they are tall enough to reach the door handle.  Actually, some of the dogs in the video are not that tall.  But they figure out how to open the door.  Not only that, 2 smart dogs manage to get their bodies out before the automatic door closes.  Talk about intelligence!

Enjoy watching these dogs help themselves to food in the refrigerator!

Image source:  via Flickr


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