[VIDEO] Husky Likes To Hold Hands With Driver


This Husky likes to hold hands with the driver.  Yes, the whole time!

The Siberian Husky is Shiro.  At this filming, she is 10-months-old.  From reading the comments on this video, Shiro recognizes this particular route.  Her human is on the way to drop her off at his parents because they have a big backyard to run around while he leaves for work for a few hours.  So Shiro holds his hand during that short 10-minute drive.  She is calmer on other car trips, even though she still likes to hold her human’s hand.

Isn’t it sweet?  It’s like your baby grabbing your finger when they are still little.   The driver is in a manual car, so holding hands with Shiro while he drives takes some doing.

Enjoy this sweet video.


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