[VIDEO] What Bulldogs Do When We Are Not Home

video Bulldogs watching TV

This is a funny video of two Bulldogs left alone at home (with a hidden camera!)   I guess this owner would not need to worry about the dogs being bored when they are left alone at home!  They interact with the animals on TV as if they were right there in their living room, barking at them, lunging at them.  It is amusing for us to watch the video.  There is a possibility that the neighbor upstairs or next door would think differently.

So what can we do?   One option is to find other forms of entertainment besides leaving the TV on for them.  We never know what program is going to come on, so we don’t know when they will start barking, and possibly disturbing our neighbors.  How about turning on the radio?  Or find some interactive toys and games that engage their mind?

How to keep our dogs busy when we are not home

It helps to know the personality of the breed.  Do they like to figure things out?  Do they like to be active or relatively inactive?  Do they learn fast?  Or do they need to practice a few times before they get the hang of it?

Another idea is to do some training when you are at home with the behavior that you just discovered.  Depending on your dog’s personality, you can discourage them from an undesirable behavior, or you can encourage them to a desirable behavior.

Dog bowl for slowing down fast eaters
Dog bowl for slowing down fast eaters

For the former, you can put a few coins in a container so when you shake it, the noise will get your dog’s attention.  Some people go for the startle effect.  At the moment of the misbehavior, shake the container, your dog will automatically stop because the noise caught his attention.  But don’t repeat this much, or else your dog will simply get used to the sound and ignore the original intent.

It is always better if you could use the positive reinforcement approach.   You don’t even have to use treats.  Simply praise, using a voice that encourage them, so they know they have done something good, is plenty.  Some dogs might need more encouragement to continue the desired behavior, in which case, that’s where treats come in. 🙂  But our dogs want to please us.  They really like to live with us in harmony.  It’s just a matter understanding, and knowing how to communicate in a way that invites that cooperation.   If you enjoy this video, here is another Bulldog video for you to enjoy!


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