[VIDEO] Pomeranian BOO Savoring Lunch

video Pomeranian BOO excited about lunch

If anyone can make food sound appetizing, it is BOO, the internet’s most beloved Pomeranian.  In this video, listen to how Boo can make his food sound like he is experiencing a five star gourmet meal.  If for some reason you need some inspiration to eat, just listen to Boo, and watch your appetite come back.  Boo was born in March of 2006.  His Facebook page is so popular that by the time Boo turned 10 years old, he already had over 17 million likes on facebook.  Boo is a Teacup Pomeranian, according to Boo the Dog.  What makes him a celebrity is his haircut.  And his stylish clothes.

BOO, his hair, his clothes

Boo has several books filled with his photos.  Here’s the story of how Boo got his hair style.  He got some knots on his thick and coarse hair, and none of the dog grooming products he tried could get rid of the knots, so his hair got shaved, and his lovely face trimmed.   His friend, Buddy, has long and silky hair.

Wishes Fulfilled Mastering the art of manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer
Wishes Fulfilled Mastering the art of manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer

If Buddy had the same haircut as Boo, the cut would not do Buddy justice.  But on Boo, it works!  And his haircut shows off his clothes really well.  Boo wears a different outfit almost everyday. The only exception is Wednesday, when he gets to wear his birthday suit.

On a really hot day, or if the ground is too rough, or when it’s raining, Boo walks in his boots.  

Boo’s owner has generously used Boo’s fame to help many people around the world, including reconstructive surgery for children born with a cleft lip, pet therapy program, clean water projects around the world, Animal Care and Control, children hospital, and more.

You can read more about Boo’s many generous acts here.  Enjoy listening to Boo making ordinary food sound like a gourmet meal.  Even if you are not hungry right this minute, BOO’s enjoyment will help you appreciate your meal even more. 🙂

Article source:  Boo the Dog


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