[VIDEO] Border Collie Doing Yoga

video border collie doing yoga

The Border Collie in this video is learning to do yoga pose.  Her name is Maya.  She is no beginner.  She looks already well acquainted with the routine.  Doggie stretch, child pose.  Border Collies are so good in learning new skills.  Their mind just craves learning.

Yoga for dogs, or Doga, is one way to further enhance your bond with your dog.  Yoga is about practicing being in the moment–something our dogs already know how to do.  Doing yoga with them is like slowing down yourself to what’s natural to them, and you are just showing them the physical poses, not the spirit of yoga.  As with any new skills, do not force your dog.  Just do yoga yourself, and if she is curious, then invite her to participate to the extent that she is interested.

Why is yoga good for dogs?

Julia Kamysz Lane writes about Doga in The Bark.   Before she takes her dogs for their morning exercise, she warms up their muscles with what resembles yoga poses.  Then she enrolled herself in a Doga class where humans and dogs do yoga together as partners.  Some dogs take to Doga immediately, some takes a bit more focus.

6 piece yoga set by Sivan
6 piece yoga set by Sivan

Here are some benefits of Doga that Julia writes about. Julia has a dog that is afraid of getting her nails clip.  Doga provides opportunities for the human to touch the dog, like paws–areas that many dogs dislike being touched.  But the approach is such that it’s not intrusive.  Overtime, Julia’s dog overcame her fear of getting her nails trimmed.

Another of her dog has an impatient and pushy personality.  Doga helps that dog to go beyond tolerating the stretches.  Now she even offers her legs in anticipation.  The best part of Doga is giving your dog friend 45 minutes of undivided attention, slowing down, and pay attention.  You can read Julia’s entire well-written article here.

Article source:  Julia Kamysz Lane in The Bark


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