[VIDEO] Border Collie First Year With Her Family

video of Border Collie Ruby's first year

This is a video of a Border Collie, named Ruby, in her first year with her family.  It starts with Ruby at 3 1/2 weeks, then hanging out in the backyard, playing fetch, all the way up to one year old.  If you are thinking about getting a Collie, Collie Club Of America suggests that you visit a breeder’s home or kennel, or attending a dog show or performance events.  Often owners of Collies who fall in love with this breed for all the reasons they are known for will have Collies their entire life!  Learn all you can about the breed, the kind of time commitment you need to care for this very intelligent dog before bringing one home.

What are Border Collies like?

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The Collie is very much a family dog.  She is usually not a one-person dog, she’ll love the entire family if she is treated with respect and brought up properly. Loving children comes naturally to her, even if she did not grow up around children.  She is playful and protective of children–well, the well-behaved ones (the ones who know how to handle her with respect.)

This is a very people oriented dog.  She adores being with her people.  If she is left alone for a long time with no human contact, she gets lonely and bored.  And she is notorious for her barking.  So for your neighbors’ sanity sake, don’t leave her home by herself for long.

You have probably heard that Collies are very intelligent.  Well, they are!   Some owners say their Collies can outsmart them!  Not only are they easy to train, they are easy to housebreak. She naturally likes to be clean.  If you decide to get a Collie, know that you are getting a very loyal, friendly, loving, and beautiful friend.  You can read more about Border Collies here.

Enjoy watching Ruby’s first year with her family.

Article source:  Collie Club Of America


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