[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Mama Taking Care Of Her Puppies

video of mountain bernese mama caring for her puppies

What a sweet video of this Mountain Bernese mama caring for her puppies. They are still tiny babies; well, tiny for Mountain Bernese.  And she keeps herself busy cleaning them.  Even when one falls asleep on her paws, she still manages to wash him.   What a sweet scene.  Her human friend is very nice to help her feed one of her puppies with a bottle.  Like human moms, having help with newborns is always appreciated.

How to care for a newborn puppy

Julia Williams writes in Canidae that dog moms instinctively know how to care for their young.  They know how to keep them warm, keep them well-fed, cleaned, and bodily needs.  Your main job if you have a pregnant dog is simply to watch her.  Sometimes a dog mom may not produce enough milk. That’s when you can step in to help her pups.  Or if you are caring for an orphan puppy.

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Usually a newborn’s eyes open between 10 to 14 days.  Their body weight may double or triple in the first few weeks.  Healthy pups are eager to nurse.  And they often twitch when they sleep.  If you have any suspicion about a puppy’s health, consult a vet immediately.  Treating a sick puppy can mean the difference of life and death.  Some of the warning signs include not nursing, crying constantly, difficulty breathing, weak, not gaining weight, a drop in temperature, sneezing, vomiting.  Newborn also cannot regulate their body temperature.  If you line a large crate with soft towels for Mom and pups, that would work fine.  If you are caring for an orphan or a puppy with no sibling, put a stuffed animal in there to keep them company and to offer some warmth.  You can read more about caring for newborn puppies here.

Enjoy watching this Mountain Bernese mama caring for her 3-weeks-old babies.

Article source:  Julia Williams in Canidae.


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