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video dogs who like dog companionship

All the dogs in this video appreciate dog companionship.  Some of them are sharing a moment in a car ride, or sleeping on each other’s neck, sharing a dog bed, going for a swim together, or cuddling with each other.  Some dogs are very social.  If we are not around, they can get lonely.  In fact, if we are someone who work long hours and are away from home for a long period of time, leaving our pet all by themselves, some can even display destructive behavior.  So what can we do?  We can’t stay home all day to keep our friend company.  Is it a good idea to bring another dog home to keep our friend company?  Sharon Harleigh shares some ideas in The Nest on this topic.

How to know if my dog wants another dog at home

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Before bringing another dog home to keep our dog company, first find out if our dog likes another dog around.  Sharon suggests that we find out by taking our dog to the dog park when there are just a few dogs there.  Keep our dog on a leash at first meeting.  Wait until our dog shows that he is friendly with the other dogs do we let him off the leash.  Then observe his interactions.  Is he fearful of the other dogs?  Is he aggressive with them?  Is he social with them and enjoys playing with them?  If the signs indicate that he may appreciate being around another dog, next make sure he is well trained.  You know how we pick up habits from our friends?  If our dog is well-trained, the new dog can imitate the good behavior.   Lastly, do you or your family members have the time to take care of 2 dogs?  If you are facing this dilemma, perhaps this article can help you sort things out.

Enjoy watching these endearing friendships.

Article source:  Sharon Harleigh in The Nest


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