[VIDEO] Pomeranian Mama Caring For Her Newborn Puppies

Pomeranian mama caring for her new puppies

Eat and sleep.  That’s all they do for now!   In this video, the Pomeranian mama is taking care of her new puppies.  It’s filmed in the first 2 weeks.   Mom has to sleep a lot to renew her energy.  She may be lying down a lot, but cleaning, feeding, nurturing her pups do take a lot of energy.  She should store up her strength for when they start getting active.

In a couple of months, these pups are going to be all over the place.  It’s interesting that the nickname of Pomeranians is “The little dog who thinks he can” because they do have a “big dog” attitude, according to Dog Time.   They can encounter a big dog and not realize their own size and would behave as if they are the same size as the big dog.  Sometimes not knowing one’s limitation is an advantage. 🙂

Characteristics of Pomeranians

Pomeranians can bark a lot.  They are house dogs, and heat is not a friend of theirs.  So if you are outside and you see signs of your Pom getting overheat, bring him indoor immediately.

While we are on the topic of outdoors, if you live in an area where there are eagles, hawks, do not leave them outside alone.  The birds can carry them off because they are so tiny and think of your Pom as prey.

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Poms like to meet new people, and they get along with other animals.  Because they’ll bark at anything that is out of the ordinary, it’s good to train them to stop barking at command, or they could bark all day.

Poms are indoor dogs, so they are great for apartments or homes without a fenced yard.  Several short walks a day would be enjoyable for them.

They get bored easily, so rotate their toys so they think there’s always something new.  Teaching them tricks is a great idea because they like to be the center of attention, and they like to learn.  So learning tricks keep them mentally active.  Keep the training sessions short and fun.  And lavish praise on them when they are learning.  You can read more about Pomeranians here.

Enjoy watching these energetic Pomeranians interacting with their owner.

Article source:  Dog Time


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