[VIDEO] Pomeranian Fascinated With A Squeaky Toy

Pomeranian fascinated with a squeaky toy

The Pomeranian in this video is playing rough with a barking toy dog.  She keeps biting the toy’s tail.  How nice to have a playmate the same size, even if it’s one that does not fight back.  Probably one attraction for this Pom is the noise coming out from the stuffed toy dog.

The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo
The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

Squeaky toys can entertain dogs for quite a while.  A friend’s dog likes to play with his squeaky toy even while they are watching television, so they put the squeaky toy up high where he can’t reach but can see it. Their dog whines.  Then they found an ultrasonic squeaky toy.  Only dogs can hear the sound, so his parents can watch television in peace.  For some reason, their dog chewed up that ultrasonic toy in a day.  So, back to square one.

How to choose toys that are safe for your dogs

Some dogs really like their stuffed animals.  Some like to sleep with their toy.  Perhaps it’s their version of having a teddy bear or a doll.  If you buy stuffed toys for your dog that are not specifically made for dogs, please make sure that you remove parts that they can easily swallow–like buttons used for eyes or nose.  Those little parts can get caught in their throat.  Especially if you have a tiny dog–that could be dangerous.

And if the stuffed toy can be easily torn apart, be sure that the material that stuffs the toy is not harmful, in case your dog decides to eat the foam.

Hills Pet offers some suggestions when it comes to picking the right toys for your dog.  If it’s a very young puppy, perhaps something soft and plush.  And if it’s a teething puppy, stock up on a variety of chew toys to keep him distracted from the discomfort of teething.  And also keep him away from your expensive shoes.  Once their teeth are in, you can get them the harder rubber toys.  And for your senior dog, get him toys that are softer to chew on and toys that encourage him to get active.  You can read the other tips here.  If you like Pomeranians, here is another video you might enjoy.

Article source:  Hills Pet


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