[VIDEO] Sharpei Showering Her Puppy With Kisses


This has got to be one of the cleanest dogs!  The Sharpei puppy in this video is showered with kisses from Mom, or getting a bath!  Listen to the snorts when Mom showers her kisses on her 6-weeks-old baby boy.  Noises like this are characteristic of the Sharpei.  They grunt, they snort.  And they snore loudly.  If you are a light sleeper, this may not be a good choice, unless you put their beds in the other end of the house.  

The Sharpei’s coats

According to Your Pure Bred Puppy, Sharpei’s have 3 variety of coats.  One is called “horse” coat.  It’s short and prickly, and can irritate people with sensitive skin.  If a Sharpei has a “brush” coat, it is thicker.  About 1 inch long.  Those who have a “bear” coat has a heavy coat like the Chow Chow.  All Sharpei’s shed.  Those with a brush coat or a bear coat shed the most.

Characteristics of a Sharpei

A Sharpei’s nature is calm and confident. They like to be clean naturally, so they are easy to housebreak. They don’t bark much, and only need moderate exercise. They are very loyal to their family.

When it comes to strangers, they are very protective and can get suspicious.  It is important to socialize them when they are puppies.  Let them hang around good people, so they know that feels like.  Then if they meet a stranger that deserves their suspicion, they would recognize the difference.  

What kind of family is ideal for a Sharpei?

It is best not to match this breed with families who have young children because many Sharpei’s do not tolerate what they consider as “non-sense.” This is also not the breed for a first time dog owner.  They have an independent mind.  Many of them are dominant and want to be the boss.  So they are best matched with someone who has confidence in training the Sharpei with consistency.  Probably someone who is already at ease with training.  You can read more about this breed here.  Enjoy watching this bonding time between Mama and her 6 weeks old puppy.  If you enjoy this Sharpei video, here is another one you might also enjoy.

Article source:  Your Pure Bred Puppy


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