[VIDEO] Pomeranian Sleeping Peacefully With 3 Kittens


The Pomeranian in this video is sleeping peacefully with her 3 kitten friends.  All of them are sleeping in the same pose.  All sleep with their paws up, like they are surrendering or something.  The background music is also nice.  It may enhance your viewing experience.  This Pom must be very good friends with her kitty friends.  Look at how safe the kittens feel around her.  One snuggles up to her face to snooze.  For some reason, the Pom is just lying there with her friends, but her eyes are open much of the time.  Her human mom soothes her by gently rubbing her between the eyebrows, which I find many dogs seem to enjoy.   She did close her eyes briefly when her mom did that.

Enjoy watching this very peaceful moment with these 4 beauties.


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