[VIDEO] Cute Corgi Moments


This is a video filled with cute Corgi moments.  Corgis are wonderful.  They are joyful, delighted with themselves, can entertain themselves (and us in the process).  These clips are wonderful moments of Corgi amusing themselves (and us!)  The Corgi in Scene 2 takes no time regaining his composure after being startled by his own move.  They are so confident.  A couple of them are lying on the floor, chasing after a ball.  Yes!  Lying on the floor.  It’s like exercising from a recliner! 🙂   And one Corgi is rolling around the floor.   Her goal?  To catch her own tail!  That’s what she considers as success!  Isn’t that wonderful!  To feel successful with ordinary activities.  And happy with it.  What smart dogs they are!

Enjoy watching these Corgis enjoying the simple pleasures in life!

Image source:  Sindy on Flickr


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