[VIDEO] This Dog Can Identify Physics Formulas


Remember Sonny the dog who can identify colors?  In this video, Sonny goes WAY beyond identifying colors.  He is identifying the laws of physics.  In their formula forms!  I have long forgotten about some of the laws in physics.  Some of the ones that Sonny is identifying here are related to laws formulated by Einstein, Newton, Boyle.  For example, Einstein’s energy law was in formula, and Sonny can actually identify that!   I am curious how his human trains him.  Does she say the words and show the formula so that Sonny associates the sound with the visual?  With one question, Sonny did not know the answer, and he covers his face, as if embarrassed.  Aaawwww!!!  Sonny, you know a lot more than many humans!  You should be very proud of yourself.  The last question was funny.  “Sonny, are you a person or a dog?”   Watch his answer.

Enjoy watching Sonny show us just HOW knowledgeable he is!


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