[VIDEO] Puppies And Kittens First Meeting


The puppies and kittens in this video are meeting each other for the first time.  They were in separate crates, then placed in the same room.  Watch how the kittens and puppies approach new friends.

The kittens were curious.  They were the first to walk outside the crate toward the puppies’ crate.  They didn’t initiate direct contact.  Just getting a feel of the new people.

The puppies (at least these ones) were more physical as far as expressing their friendliness.  I think once they warm up to the new creatures, they want to start playing with them, the way they would a dog.  A bit of rough-housing.  The kittens did not care for that.   Maybe they need a longer time to warm up before playing like that.

But they are comfortable with each other.   Drinking milk from the same bowl.  Just hanging out with each other.  Toward the end of the video, one puppy licks a kitten.  And it looks like that was okay.

It’s a unique video.  And I’m glad the artist filmed this.  Enjoy the video.


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