[VIDEO] Cat Cares For Puppy As Her Own


The cat in this video cares for a puppy as her own.  She just gave birth to her kittens recently, actually on the same day that this abandoned puppy was born.  So she took him in as one of her kittens.

She licks him, cleans him, feeds him the way she would her kitten.  Everything goes smoothly until lunch time.  Kittens and puppies behave differently around feeding, according to the narrator in this video.   Kittens are orderly, and remember their own scent, so there’s harmony at feeding time.

The mama cat is a bit confused by this puppy’s behavior, as are her kittens.  I have a feeling that in a very short time, this puppy would be trained by her.   I wonder if he would grow up to behave like a dog or more like a cat…

Enjoy this sweet video.



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